DGX station Tesla V100 Power Supply 3 phase compatable?

Hey we’re moving to a space that exclusively has 208V 3 Phase power. this should theoretically be fine if the DGX Station has a universal power supply, but It’s not clear what it has from the spec sheet.

Hi @ryanporter , the DGX Station should only be used with single-phase power. The PSU can take a range of input (the usual suspects for ATX, as described by DGX Station User Guide :: DGX Systems Documentation ), but you’ll probably want to plug it into a single-phase C13 outlet on your PDU, not directly into a 3-phase outlet.

So they have the 3-phase supplied directly through the C13 outlets in the PDU. Is it possible to know what the power supply is to double check. Our Contact with the CoLo says given the Voltage ranges it’s very likely that its compatible. The PDU’s have 30A 208V 3P power with C13 & C19 outlets.

Weird to connect the C13 to 3-phase power. Usually there’s some single-phase “utility” outlets available for crash carts and things to use. FWIW, depending on the vintage of the DGX Station, the PSU is either a Corsair AX1500i or EVGA SUPERNOVA 1600 T2.