Did Hairwork will appear on readmap?

and How to make animation keys on omniverse
MDL animation support?
MDL will be develope decal for omniverse?

Hair is on our roadmap.

We support both USD animation and MDL animation. A new MDL Editor will allow you to create your own materials and animations.

Decal are in progress and should be available in the next few months.

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Little question for MDL

I am comfuse with MDL lookup_data node, I am not sure if i work cerrect for this node,but when i export somethink like Cd attribute on FBX file, and import on Substance designer, and i wanna use this type of attribute to blend material for create more complex material, but the lookup node didn’t fint out those attribute, so may i ask a question about how to load attribute and use for build mdl.

big thanks

PrimVar support is not available yet with MDL and USD, it is something we are working on, like Vertex Colors and other object data.

Also to make the workflow you describe work, Substance designer needs to support primvars.
In general, primvars support is very renderer specific and also might limit your materials usability in some environments like game engines.

Right now you will need to store Cd either in a texture or use one of the 4 texture coordinate channels Omniverse RTX renderer supports to store Cd