Differences between Dev Carrier Boards

I had a few Jetson TX1 dev kits that I purchased over a year ago, and recently, I acquired quite a few more. I am running into issues with the new dev kits with regards to the CSI and i2c buses. Can someone tell me the differences between the “699-82597-0000-302 E” and “699-82597-0000-500 C” carrier boards?

I can see a few subtle visual differences, but I’m trying to figure out what might be different between my two setups.

Hi, there should be no effect on these two kinds of boards. Could you please list the detail difference?

Some if the most obvious differences that I can see are as follows:

The 302E board does not have the LEDs “CVM POWERED” or “ALERT! PCIE/SATA POWERED UP”
The 500C board has some additional compoents which I’m not sure their purpose or the reasons for them. (Q34, Q35, D18)

I have no clue what other differences there are… or even if I’m chasing my own tail. I’m either running into some sort of difference of the i2c bus in the CSI interfaces (i2c conflicts?) or something similar.

I’m actually using the HDMI2CSI boards from Zhaw, and on the newer dev-kits we purchased, I’m seeing where the 2nd tc358840 fails to load the driver properly, complaining about an invalid chip ID. I’ve already switched out boards, and it made no difference. (I have quite a lot of these devkits and boards). If I put it on my older tx1 devkit (the 302E) I have no problems… and the chip ID is indeed correct.

Q34, Q35, D18 are for SATA.

Can you please check the HDMI part on board? You can use schematic in DLC as reference to find the component.

  • Is R558 mounted on -500 board? If so, you can remove it to test.

  • Are L501, L503, L504, L506 mounted on -500 board? If so, you can remove them to test.

  • Are C520, C521 mounted on -500 board? If so, you can remove them to test.

R558 is not present on either board

L501, L503, L504, L506 all appear to be missing on the -500 board. On the -302 board, I can’t even find any pads, and the PCB assembly drawings don’t actually show any components that I can see.

C520 is present, and C521 is missing.

Should I still remove C520? That doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Here’s a pic of the -500 board for reference:

And the -302:

So, did you test by removing C520?