Direct x 10.0 in xp 64 bits is possible?

Hello I am one of many that have the damn error “display driver nvlddmkm”. After months of this crash and point out the prototype I’m thinking about moving to XP 64 bits.My question is: is possible to use direct x 10 on xp? The graphics of the games are lower than light?.
Greetings and forgiveness for my bad English I am using the google translator for many things jeje

Unfortunately, There is no support of DirectX 10 (or 11) on Windows XP.
[url=“DirectX - Wikipedia”][/url]
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Yes XP will allow you use DirectX 10 on it. Don’t let fool you! You must have Nvidia - 8 Series or above or ATI with DirectX 10 support.

Ok you need search DirectX 10 RPC (Final) for Windows XP on Google engine. You will get it!

Language: Russian, English, German, French
Platform: Windows All
License: Freeware

DirectX 10 RPC - this is a new patch allowing to increase compatibility of new games and programs with Windows XP and achieve noticeable increase in speed and quality graphics in games. The same patch corrects mistakes with the launch of games requiring files DirectX 9.0s and earlier versions. Just when there graphics card with support for DX10 makes those options are available, the next-generation games that before the installation of these libraries were inaccessible. In the version of RPC added new library and corrected many errors, that finally allowed to reach full DirectX 10 for Windows XP.



Please create system restore before you try this one.

That one! You will be happy use DirectX 10 on Windows XP! Windows Vista sucks!

I wouldn’t recommend this.

It works for me

nom, no it doesnt. its a bad idea, and is regarded as a bad, bad idea by all of the people on this forum who have been here any reasonable length of time.

microsoft didnt implement direct x 10 in xp for many reasons. one of them was admittedly so that they could sell vista, but there are other reasons too.

this “directx 10 for xp” isnt actually directx 10, it is parts of directx 10 hacked and bodged into xp. it is unstable, buggy and causes many issues with games. especially if you plan on playing online games that have hack detection, modifying IMPORTANT windows files is a bad idea.

xp is approaching its 10th birthday, its time to move on from an OS thats a decade old and keep up with advances in technology.

to the OP - no it isnt possible to use dx10 in xp, but your originaly problem is an error that is caused by a hardware fault, moving to xp will NOT solve this issue. you need to test your hardware for faults, be that ram, graphics card, PSU or motherboard. a quick google will show you how to test for that, if you are unsure how to test these then just ask here.

What about dx 11

Direct x 11 is supported OFFICIALLY on vista and windows 7. there is no point sticking with xp. even for compatability with old programs, you can run xp in a virtual machine in windows 7.

when xp was in its prime, before vista launched any one that was running windows 95 on a gaming pc would get laughed at. xp is now in the same position windows 95 was in compared to xp. unless your PC isnt capable, it is strongly advised to get windows 7 running on it. and if it isnt capable of running windows 7 you can forget any directx 11 or even direct10 game as they all require modern hardware.

thanks External Image i have windows 7 but wasn’t sure if i should install it but I’m now convince, not sure if my machine can handle it :(

Machine Specs.
Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU
E2200 @ 2.20 GHz
3.00GB of RAM
1024 MB Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT

Do you have any advice on overclocking my processor without damaging any hardware

dx.bmp (3.82 MB)

Is this really from Nvidia

your machine can handle windows 7 fine, im guessing you didnt build your pc yourself? if so what make is it? eg DELL, HP, Packard Bell etc

if you did build it, do you know what motherboard you are using?

just to confirm it is a desktop, not a laptop yes?

Build it

Its A ASRock Wolfdale 1333-D667 R2.0

ok, that motherboard wont be the best for overclocking, but it is possible. all you need to do is make sure you are monitoring the temperatures of your cpu and yur motherboard, a program like everest home edition will tell you these temperatures. then you need to download prime95. you restart the pc and go into the BIOS, up the FSB (front side bus) by 5 mhz, save it and exit. boot into windows and run a prime 95 stress test for 20 minutes. if it works fine and doesnt crash, reboot and go into the bios and up another 5mhz then test again. do this untill it gets too hot (dont let your motherboard go above 60, and your cpu above 75) or untill it crashes. if it crashes then go back to the last overclock that was stable. any prob;ems ask on here. dont change any voltages and there is no risk of breaking anything. if you overclock it and it crashes and doesnt boot windows, you can reset the BIOS with the CLRCMOS jumper. the manual for your motherboard will tell you how to do this.

Thanks Q External Image

All this discouragement, i say running direct x 10 in xp is a fantastic idea. if you got 4 gigs of ram or less i would recommend it over 7, if you tune xp right you can make it highly functional while only using 80mb of ram. now if you got a 780 and 16gigs of ram or something i don’t recommend it. this youtube video i made just this post shows its effectiveness.