Quadro NVS 295 model supports directx 10.1(is not 10)?

I am a c++ programmer in Korea.
I have a question about a problem that the graphics card supports the Direct X.

Do Quadro NVS 295 model supports DirectX 10.1 (is not 10) ?

According to the above it is that the support page.

This page can be found that it does not support.
Which is true? DirectX 10 or 10.1?

And i use this directx function
HRESULT WINAPI D3D10CreateDevice1(In_opt IDXGIAdapter *pAdapter,
D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE DriverType,
HMODULE Software,
UINT Flags,
D3D10_FEATURE_LEVEL1 HardwareLevel,
UINT SDKVersion,
Out_opt ID3D10Device1 **ppDevice);

in d3d10_1.h

but function failed. Error code 0x8004002 (No such interface supported)
if NVS 295 support 10.1
Why this function failed?

“DirectX Support” entry is at 10.0 by GPU-Z programs.
And “DDI Version” is 10 by dxdiag.
Driver Version is 341.81 and BIOS Version
I think that it does not support directX 10.1.

Please let me know if you have additional BIOS and patch files.
I wait for the detailed answer.

nvs 295 check.jpg

nvs 295.jpg

Best I can tell, your question has nothing to do with CUDA. It would be advantageous to ask this question in a DirectX-specific sub-forum so it can be answered by people with DirectX expertise.

I am not familiar with this card or DirectX. The Quadro NVS 295 appears to be a device that shipped more than five years ago, and best I can determine it was based on the G98, a GPU no longer supported by the current version of CUDA.