Tesla S1070 on Windows

Can anyone give some estimation when Windows driver package for Windows (either XP or Vista) will be released? Any chance to get prerelease (pre-beta, pre-alpha) version before? Problem is that I have access to S1070 and I’d like to test and tune software for compatibility/performance, but cannot find driver.

Thanks in advance.

I also have three S1070s arrived in my lab today. Yes, even the beta driver doesn’t exist. Can we use normal driver?

No, ‘normal’ driver for C1060 is not compatible with S1070 :(

Can someone from NVIDIA clarify policy on access to prerelese Tesla drivers for software developers?

Can we please have an update on the status of Windows XP drivers for the S1070/S1075?

The “Windows Support in Q4 2008” quietly disappeared near the end of Q4 last year.

The lack of drivers in Windows is a roadblock in our deployment of GPGPU assets, as we do not want to build up Linux support capacity only for a handful of servers. We are therefore stuck at D870s for datacentre use.

I know that nVidia has a “don’t talk about unannounced product” policy. That may be a good practice in the consumer market, but you should really let your enterprise customers know what’s happening in the short to medium future.

Enterprise customers are usually briefed under NDA.
If you contact NVIDIA sales, you should be able to get all the information you need.

I’ve tried S1070 with Windows XP x64 and Forceware 181.20. Seems to be working just fine. The only non-obvious step is to ‘extend’ Windows desktop on every Tesla. This is not an official way to run S1070 on Windows, I guess.

I’m not sure if this works in every part of the world. We have some of our customers (mostly European) who ask exactly the same…

Thanks. I wonder why nobody has mentioned this before. I guess there aren’t too many people using the S1070.

I’m also suprised to hear that its even possible to extend the desktop onto a Tesla. I’d assumed that the fact they don’t have a display output made that impossible. Does the same trick allow you to run Direct3D-based GPGPU applications on the Tesla?

Sorry, I’ve never tried D3D or OpenGL application on GPU/Tesla, I use them for pure computing.