Tesla S1070 on Windows Why does not it work?


Just curious what prevents S1070 to work with Windows – it should just appear as 4 PCI-E devices, right??

Is it a problem with WIndows PCI-E enumeration that is NOT seeing the devices attached via the PCI-E extendor cables?
Is the host-adapter designed for use in host system NOT working properly with Windows?

Any info on this will be useful.

Thank you
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Wait for 2.2.

Gooood to know!


I did configure 2 systems (hp xw8600) working fine under XP pro 64.

Each was using one S1070 (on the 2 available PCIe x16 slots) and one GTX280 (though the graphic board ended up on a 4x PCIe slot did not slow down too much the display).

This was some time ago (CUDA 2.0) … so what do you both mean “what prevent S1070 to run on windows” and “wait for 2.2” … is this all Vista specific ???

Gooood to know! officially NVIDIA does NOT support TESLA S1070 blades on Windows.

Did u have to do some hacks to get going on windows?

Interesting to know u r going good with windows. Good luck!


Nothing special to have it working: just plug the host controller cards and install the regular nvidia graphics drivers.

The devices list from the “System info” (in nvidia control panel) is a little “disturbed”, but the info returned by deviceQuery is ok (i.e. devices number, names, properties).

I also can confirm that S1070 works with XP64. I’ve tried 181.20 and 185.20 (from laptopvideo2go.com), both seems to work okay. The only ‘hack’ in my case was to extend windows desktop onto all C1060, without this they are visible in Device Manager but CUDA reports no devices.