S1070 and Windows compatibility Interfacing the S1070 wiht Windows PC

I would like to use an S1070 with a PC running Microsoft Windows.

As I understand it, there is now a driver download for using the
S1070 with Windows Server.

Its not clear to me about the hardware configuration I need to have on
the PC side to work with the GHIC interface cards. If anyone has done this
I’d be grateful if you could let me know the configuration of your system.

I believe that only certain motherboards will work. For example, I
plugged one interface card into the PCI-Express slot on the
motherboard of a Dell 670N in my lab. This generated an
error from the BIOS on reboot. Essentially it reported that the
peripheral was not a PEG type. I understand this to be a particular
form of PCI for graphics.