Disable multitouch gestures on Jetpack 4.3 (Ubuntu 18.04 with Unity)

Hi, I’m having a hard time trying to put an application in kiosk mode with Jetpack 4.3 of a Jetson Nano.
The problem is that the operating system is reading multitouch gestures, which allow the users to trigger an escape from full screen. This behavior can apparently be disabled with a gnome-shell extension, but after many failed attempts to make it work I finally realized that Jetpack comes bundled with Unity instead of gnome. So, I believe that’s the reason why all the recipes I found for Ubuntu 18.04 (which usually comes with gnome instead of unity) did not work.

So, now that I finally realized that im not running gnome but unity, I ask: Does anyone know how to disable these multitouch gestures (three finger drag for example) in order to prevent users from exiting full screen on unity? If not, would you recommend me to move to gnome so that I can try applying the recipes I found? If so, is there any guide on how to replace unity with gnome on jetpack?

Thank you.
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hello drakorg,

you may have a try to modify InitGesturesSupport(),
check this, Disable Unity Multitouch Gestures (Unity 7.3.3, Ubuntu 15.10) - Ask Ubuntu for reference,

Hi. thanks for the link, but I managed to dodge the issue just by removing unity and going with gnome. When in gnome, the shell extensions worked as expected and I no longer have that issue.
In case someone else faces this problem, you can either go ahead and try Jerry’s link (were you end up having to manually patch and recompile unity) or you can simply remove unity with:

  1. sudo apt remove unity
  2. then install disable-gestures shell extension (Ill try to post the link later or you can google it)
  3. reboot

effectively disabling the multitouch gestures.

Thank you.
Best regards.

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