Disable NVIDIA bootloader screen JP5.1.2


I am working on Orin NX development kit, JP5.1.2 .

I want to disable the Nvidia UEFI bootloader screen display while the board is booting up which displays the following :

Jetson UEFI firmware (version 202210.3-8444db34 built on 2023-12-21T10:22:47+00:
ESC to enter Setup.
F11 to enter Boot Manager Menu.
Enter to continue boot.

** WARNING: Test Key is used. **

** WARNING: Test Key is used. **

soc/t23x/kernel-dts/tegra234-soc/tegra234-soc-base.dtsi does not have the bootloader-status

Please assist.

Hi san1998,

It could not be disabled since it is the part of boot up.
Do you want to skip the 5s timeout when you see these messages?
Or you want to custom the logo during boot up?


I want to the time it takes to load to be optimized.

If i want to change the logo can I change it in the edk2-nvidia environment?


Also, to skip 5s timeout I have to set Auto Timeout to 0s?


To customize the logo image, please refer to Customized Logo.

Please refer to Q: There is a wait in UEFI stage. How to disable it to accelerate system booting?
You could also configure it in UEFI menu.



Before this part the UEFI takes a lot of time in loading upto almost 17 seconds.
I tried disabling some drivers that i do not require in

NVIDIA.common.dsc.inc and NVIDIA.fvmain.fdf.inc

After building i replace the uefi Release image in /bootloader/uefi_jetson.bin and flash

But this leads to shutdown state requested -1

Please assist.

What drivers do you disable in this file?

Could you check which may cause it boot up failed?


Drivers like Capsule Update Policy Protocol, third party drivers etc
I am still figuring out.
But i always get shutdown state requested -1 no matter what driver i disable. Am i missing something major?

I want to know, do i have to disable drivers in the above files only for UEFI boot optimization?
i.e., NVIDIA.common.dsc.inc and NVIDIA.fvmain.fdf.inc

Are there other files in the /Platform/NVIDIA/Jeston folder?

Please assist.

Could you try to build custom UEFI binary w/o any modification and check if you still hit shutdown issue?

How do you clone the UEFI source? maybe you choose the wrong branch.


No, i do not face any issue without modification. This is only after disabling some drivers.
I wanted to know if I am doing it in the right files to optimize the UEFI boot time

How do you clone UEFI source? Please share the command you used to clone the source.

Could you just configure the following line to set autoboot time to 0s?

- gEfiMdePkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdPlatformBootTimeOut|L"Timeout"|gEfiGlobalVariableGuid|0x0|5
+ gEfiMdePkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdPlatformBootTimeOut|L"Timeout"|gEfiGlobalVariableGuid|0x0|0


edk2_docker edkrepo clone /home/edk_workspace/ NVIDIA-Platforms r35.4.1

I have already set auto boot time to 0 seconds, but i still see 5 seconds wait time.

It seems the correct command to clone UEFI source for JP5.1.2.

How do you update UEFI binary to apply the change?


I replace the newly built uefi_Jetson_DEBUG.bin to /Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/uefi_jetson.bin

I can use RELASE binary as well but i am using the DEBUG binary to see the drivers being loaded in UEFI section.

After updating the UEFI binary, do you re-flash the board?


Yes, below is my log with timestamp using DEBUG Binary.

after_timeout_0s.txt (208.3 KB)

[2024-02-23 11:55:47] Jetson UEFI firmware (version 202210.3-8444db34-dirty built on 2024-02-23T06:05:
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] 08+00:00)
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] 
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] ESC   to enter Setup.
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] F11   to enter Boot Manager Menu.
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] Enter to continue boot.
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] **********************************
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] **  WARNING: Test Key is used.  **
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] **********************************
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] **  WARNING: Test Key is used.  **
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] PROGRESS CODE: V03051007 I0
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] InstallFdt: Installing Kernel DTB
[2024-02-23 11:55:47] Processing "L4T Configuration Settings" DTB overlay

It seems you’ve removed 5s timeout in UEFI and you could boot the board successfully.

[2024-02-23 11:55:26] [0000.070] I> t234-A01-0-Silicon (0x12347) Prod
[2024-02-23 11:56:19] Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS tegra-ubuntu ttyTCU0

and your overall boot time is less than 1 min.

I believe you would get better boot time if you use uefi_Jetson_RELEASE.bin instead.



Can i not further reduce UEFI section time?

I see a lot of drivers getting loaded and i want to reduce that time
it takes around 17 seconds

Yes, you could disable them if you don’t need but I would suggest you disable them one-by-one to prevent the boot up issue you met before.

In addition, you could also configure the kernel config to disable the unused modules in your case.


So i just comment out the drivers that i do not need in these files right?

NVIDIA.common.dsc.inc and NVIDIA.fvmain.fdf.inc

Also can i disable the drivers in /Platform/NVIDIA/Jetson/ as well?

Yes, please disable the modules which you don’t need in your case.