How to enable ESC setup option on screen

Dear nvdia team:
How to modify the UEFI source to enable the ESC setup option on hdmi screen when bootup.Now I use the firmware compiled by the latest download uefi source to replace BOOTAA64.efi and uefi_jetson.bin under 35.3.1 Linux_for_Tegra/bootLoader directory. I find that there is no boot logo screen, how to enable it?

Hi 592803276,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?

The boot options and ESC, F11 functions should be enabled by default.
Could you share the steps how you clone the source and build UEFI binary?


I’m confused and I don’t understand.When I press the ESC key,the setup screen is displayed on serial port terminal and not on hdmi screen.I don’t know why?I don’t know if you modified it.

1, Build with docker · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia Wiki · GitHub
2, Use the compiled bin files BOOTAA64_Jetson_RELEASE_.efi and uefi_Jetson_RELEASE.bin to replace the files named BOOTAA64.efi and uefi_jetson.bin in Linux_for_Tegra/bootLoader directory
3,flash all the partion


Maybe it’s similar to this case:

Did you attach the HDMI cable when flashing your device?

Yes, it’s similar to my problem.

It’s different that I hava attacted the HDMI cable but still have no boot menu displayed.Then it directly jumps to the Ubuntu login.
I want to make sure the latest uefi source downloaded from the link is compatible with 35.3.1/jetpack5.1.1? Will it cause any serious problems if we replace it directly? Because our customers are now in mass production.

How did you clone the source?
(i.e. which branch are you using for UEFI source?)

For R35.3.1, you could use the following command to clone the source.

$ edkrepo clone nvidia-uefi-r35.3.1-updates NVIDIA-Platforms r35.3.1-updates

1,cd /build
2,edk2_docker edkrepo clone nvidia-uefi NVIDIA-Platforms main
3,cd nvidia-uefi
4,edk2_docker edk2-nvidia/Platform/NVIDIA/Jetson/

Thank you very much. I’ll try your command to get the source code and recompile it.

It seems you are using the main branch for UEFI.
Please use the following command instead to use r35.3.1-updates branch:

edk2_docker edkrepo clone nvidia-uefi-r35.3.1-updates NVIDIA-Platforms r35.3.1-updates

If you want to remove the PXE and Http entry for boot device, please refer to the following thread to remove network stack in UEFI.
Jetson AGX Orin Long Boot Time - #25 by KevinFFF

Hi KevinFFF:
As I can see the default autoboot time value is 5s in UEFI boot menu.How can I set it to zero in uefi source? where is this value stored?Because I have multiple devices and will recompile to release the uefi_jetson.bin image.

Please refer to the UEFI source
edk2-nvidia/Platform/NVIDIA/ at main · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia (


This 5 seconds is for user to interrupt and enter UEFI menu. It could be customized setting to 0 to disable.

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