Display and Blank objects within Omniverse Sequencer


I have exported a Simulation from Simulation software and have created a walkthrough to give a drone view to the simulation.
while the overall simulation plays well, the objects that are supposed to hide and unhide at various point of video do not happen properly on Omniverse.

how do I make the object visible and invisible at various point of the sequencer within Omniverse itself ??
for example, an Object appearing at the beginning of a conveyer and disappearing at the end of the conveyer.
like Toggle visibility / invisibility but in the course of a sequencer.
Please suggest if anyone has tried something like this before


@vinayak8 i am just a passerby, which app are you using the sequencer in? Isaac Sim or Composer?

All the curve editor and sequencing is done on Composer

this video should be helpful in your use case:

even though it’s shown with Machinima, but the sequencer behavior is consistent with Composer. long story short - you can keep the prim invisible in your stage, but as long as the clip have the proper handle/range set in sequencer, it’ll automatically toggle visibility for you when the playhead goes over the clip.

The key to this is to toggle the visibility OFF before the “clip” so it will automatically turn on during, and then back off again. Otherwise it is on the whole time. It knows to “unhide” the asset during its own clip length.

Thank @Simplychenable and @Richard3D
this has been helpful in Hiding the components…

however, there are instances where the components are hidden from within source that was exported.
we are unable to unhide those components when brought into omniverse and when the sequencer is played.
we tried the same method of bringing the asset/part into the Sequencer and a tried to keep the clip throughout, for the part to stay unhidden.

but it didnt seem to work that way.

Use the UNHIDE ALL command in the Edit Menu. This force unhides everything.

Thank you @Richard3D ,

we did the same.
UNHIDE ALL, and found out the required hidden component,
but in the process, we unhid a lot of unwanted components as well, that were supposed to stay hidden :-D.

nonetheless, it did help us.

Great thanks

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