Display Stream Compression on Linux | DisplayPort 1.4

This is a request to the Nvidia Developers Team to please implement Display Stream Compression for Linux, I have a RTX 3090, I paid a lot of money for my graphics card to not have the ability to use the full potential of my Samsung Odyssey G9 and use the native resolution 5120x1440 240Hz, It’s really upsetting that I have spent all this money on my computer setup to not be able to take full advantage of it.


I second above ask. There are number of discussion on the internet where its not possible to use high refresh rates screens in linux using nvidia gpus. Can you please enable this functionality? currently regardless of xorg or wayland with latest nvidia cards on samsung g9 monitors at full resolution of 5120x1440 only 120Hz option is available…


I also support an implementation of DSC for Linux drivers. There is enough demand for this to be implemented

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DSC would be very useful for connecting 8k 60Hz HDMI devices (e.g. TVs).

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Indeed there is demand for this feature request - thanks for taking the time to ensure your voices are heard.
DSC is functional today in the Linux drivers, but only for single connector displays.
For any display that requires dual display connections, the dev team is working hard on getting that implemented in a future driver release. We will keep you apprised on their progress.

I have an RTX 3060 Laptop and a Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, and when I set the monitor to 240 Hz mode (which enables DSC), I am limited to 60 Hz (because it only advertises 60 and 240 in 240 Hz mode). This is using a single DP connector. It works fine on Windows.

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Are you sure it is functional, I am using for single connector display. I think most of us are anyway? No one mentioned we all are not using single connector displays?

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@prikkonen does this also apply to a display hub where a single connection from the machine goes out to multiple individual monitors?

I can’t get it to work on a 2080 Ti lenovo laptop.

I tested with windows 10 and recent nvidia drivers and on linux kernel 6.0.9 with the 520.56.06 nvidia driver in Xorg.

Tested with an HDMI 2.1 samsung television that supports 8k 60Hz and a sabrent USB-C to HDMI 2.1 adapter. It runs at 8k 60Hz in windows but in linux it can only go up to 8k 30Hz, which is what HDMI 2.1 would allow without DSC.

Tested with a USB-C to DP cable and a 5120x1440 ultrawide samsung monitor that supports 240 Hz. I can get the 240 Hz in windows but in linux it can only go as high as 5120x1440 120 Hz, which is again, the maximum DP 1.4 would support without DSC.

I also push for this request with two 4k monitors, one 144hz and one 60hz. the 144hz monitor is constrained to 60hz with HDMI 2.1. Even 120hz does not work. The outcome results in a black screen then a lost signal

The issue trades back and forth between power draw and refresh rates

PSA. Finally working on 535 driver. Running 5120x1440@240hz.

DP or HDMI. I didn’t have luck in 535. Was there anything in particular you had set in options, did you do it via command line or gui?

DP. No extra configuration. Worth noting I installed on a clean Ubuntu installation. Had trouble when installing it on a system that already had nvidia drivers despite purging. Installed from CLI