DLSS preset for Unreal ArchViz?

Hi all,

As preset descriptions are quite poor/confusing, please, could you recommend a preset for ArchViz projects, developed with Unreal Engine? One when using DLSS Quality and another one for DLAA would be great, please. They are slow-camera projects, targeting maximum quality.

In addition, preset descriptions could be much more detailed, mentioning examples of kind of games/projects, and with more precise behaviours.

PS: this is the official info in the documentation:

Preset A (intended for Perf/Balanced/Quality modes):
o An older variant best suited to combat ghosting for elements with missing inputs (such
as motion vectors)
• Preset B (intended for Ultra Perf mode):
o Similar to Preset A but for Ultra Performance mode
• Preset C (intended for Perf/Balanced/Quality modes):
o Preset which generally favors current frame information. Generally well-suited for fast-
paced game content
• Preset D (intended for Perf/Balanced/Quality modes):
o The default preset for Perf/Balanced/Quality mode. Generally favors image stability
• Preset E (Unused)
• Preset F (intended for Ultra Perf/DLAA modes):
o The default preset for Ultra Perf and DLAA modes.
• Preset G (Unused)

PS2: just for curiosity, please: why Ray Reconstruction was released so much time ago for Cyberpunk, but is taking so long to be released for Unreal? Wouldn’t be nice, for you, to release it soon and get feedback and bug reports from the users?

Thank you very much and best regards!