DLSS Unreal Engine 4.27 Plugin becomes not supported after some usage

Hello, I have windows 10, a 2080ti with drivers 516.94 and i’ve been using the DLSS plugin and i’m experiencing two issues:

1- At first it works fine but then after some time (or maybe because i hibernate my pc that causes some issue with the drivers) i start getting DLSS not supported message:


To fix this I need to restart my pc and then it works fine until the next time it breaks.

2- My game also supports AMD FSR 2.0 and sometimes I get an assert that something is also using the Custom Screen Resolution or something like that, which i assume is FSR colliding with DLSS. What is the best way to have both APIs working, even if one needs to be off in the game settings for the other one to work. I tried setting both to disabled in the initial console commands but that didn’t work. Anything else I can try?

Thank you