DLSS cannot change the performance, need help

Copied over from the DLSS support alias:

Hello, i use GeForce RTX4090 and have the latest driver and DLSS enabled in UE4.27.2 and i can select it in the editor menu but it seems to do nothing. But it doesn’t affect FPS at all , no matter what setting i am clicking on .
Could you tell me why? Should I use the NVIDIA DLSS SDK2.4 instead of DLSS Plugin?
Looking forward to your reply, thanks!!!

The detailed configuration as follows:

  1. Unreal engine: 4.27.2
  2. DLSS Plugin version:

3.Gpu: GeForec RTX 4090

  1. Nvidia driver:

It is highly recommended to install the latest driver version if you are working with a RTX 4090. I am also wondering why the control panel screenshot below shows “GeForce RTX 3090” when you claim to be using a 4090?

I assume that you are trying out the sample scene NVIDIA provides as part of the plugin download? That scene is not expected to show significant FPS differences while you are in the editor mode. If you run it in standalone game mode you should see a difference in performance depending on which DLSS mode and upscaling factor you chose.

To make sure that your DLSS integration is working correctly, please make sure to verify the steps in the Quick Start Guide that is part of the Plugin package. Including the optional part of adding a registry entry to enable the DLSS on screen indicator.

Finally also make sure to check the FAQ on the DLSS plugin page.