Are the NVIDIA Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) offered as source code? How is it supposed to be used?
No, NVIDIA DNNs (such as DriveNet and LaneNet available from v0.2.0) are offered as binaries. to test the DNNs, you can run the raw clip provided by NVIDIA or additional clips captured using the same sensor/camera (AR0231-RCCB).

Can NVIDIA DNNs be modified or re-trained?
The DNNs are trained with AR0231-RCCB, but with a good training set, the DNNs should be independent of camera type. Given a big dataset for training, the tiny details that differentiate the cameras are averaged out as noise. To obtain more information on DriveNet and LaneNet retraining, please post a question on this forum.

Will NVIDIA DNNs work on customer data?
DNNs such as DriveNet and LaneNet are trained using AR0231-RCCB sensors. Any test sequence should use this sensor.