Do Quadro Cards(+drivers) support CUDA Do quadro cards support CUDA for GPGPU

We are looking to purchase/upgrade our video cards for some CUDA enabled applications. Our applications require mostly GPGPU via CUDA instructions.

I researched this topic before for the old Quadro cards, we specifically had old Quadro 3800 cards, and the answer back then was that the Quadro drivers do not allow the GPU to work with CUDA instructions sent to it. We were told that we could get CUDA support for GPGPU and parallel processing support from GTX580 cards.

We are now upgrading our machines and have a choice of adding Quadro 4000 cards to our machine or GTX580 cards, which have plenty of CUDA cores and do support CUDA instructions.

So my question is,

  1. do the new Quadro 4000 cards support CUDA and give us the massive parallel processing capabilities of the GTX580’s.

  2. If the Quadro 4000 do support CUDA(ie. the drivers support CUDA instructions) then which card will give us better performance for GPGPU using CUDA enabled applications.

** We do NOT use CAD like applications other than minor use of SURPAC and so we do not require the CAD application compatibility of the Quadro drivers, we are looking more for the GPGPU/CUDA performance.