GPU's running CUDA

I have a GeForce4 440 graphics card with AGP 8X processor. I am planning to use it to accelarate some programs using CUDA on Linux. Do I have to get another video card or can it also do that duty? Of course, it is traditionally a personal computer video card, but I want to use it as an accelerator also. Can it do double duty or must I get a second card for the PC video tasks?



The GeForce 4 is far too old to run CUDA. CUDA only supports the GeForce 8 and later (along with equivalent Quadros).

A supported card can be used for both graphics and CUDA at the same time, though. Heavy graphics usage will slow down CUDA a bit, and when used for both GUI and computing, a single CUDA kernel call cannot be longer than 5 seconds. But for many cases, there’s no problem.

That graphics card is not supported in any driver that has CUDA support.