Docker access PCIe driver


I wrote kernel module for FPGA which connected to Jetson Xavier via PCIe.
This driver allocates big buffer (using dma_alloc_coherent) for DMA using. (I updated the kernel setting, and rebuild him for changing the CMA size)
The DMA delivers data from FPGA to Xavier RAM through PCIe gen3x16 and at the end he generates interrupt.
The application communicate with the driver via ioctl and interrupts. the data buffer mapped to userspace.
Is docker run on Xavier can communicate with custom pcie driver like this?
If Yes, would you please guide me how to achive this?



Sorry that we don’t have too much experience with this.

Is it possible to access the DMA buffer on Xavier without using docker?
If yes, could you share which API you use?

We do have an example of a similar scenario.
Please check if the following can meet your requirement or not:
(click reference code can link to the GitHub repository)


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