Does ConnectX-6 still limit the Host Chaining feature to Ethernet only or will the feature also work when InfiniBand is used ?


I am considering purchase of ConnectX-6 VPI card (specifically: MCX653106A-ECAT). It is planned to be used in a small switchless cluster, so I would like to use the Host Chaining feature and connect the cards to each other directly using InfiniBand. The ConnectX-5 firmware known bugs says the Host Chaining requires both ports to be configured to Ethernet (, issue ref: 1178792).

Does this limitation also apply to ConnectX-6 cards ? I have searched through the ConnectX-6 firmware documentation, but nothing is mentioned about the Host Chaining.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Waldemar,

The limitation also applies to ConnectX-6 cards.

Both VPI and EN adapter cards support Host Chaining only through Ethernet protocol, InfiniBand is currently not supported.

How to enable Host Chaining using mlnxconfig:


  2. Restart the servers for the changes to take effect.

  3. Allocate all ports on the same subnet and restart the networking stack as many times as required.

  4. You should be able to ping all ports from all other ports. 5. Set the MTU up to 9000.




Thanks for the confirmation. Is there any plan to fix the issue ? It seems it has been discovered almost 16 months ago…