Does Jetson not monitor the FAN_TACH signal?

nVIDIA Staff.

Even if the FAN is forcibly stopped while the FAN is rotating, the message that the FAN is locked does not appear.
In R28.1 based Linux / Jetpack, is not FAN lock detection done?

In the developer kit, the FAN_TACH signal is connected to Jetson, but is there a mechanism of Tegra that can detect locking?

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This FAN TACHOMETER is not support on TX1 but TX2.
You can find the REG from TX2 TRM, and kernel driver locate …/kernel/t18x/drivers/tachometer/*


Thank you for answering.

How to install the tachometer driver?

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For TX2 I believe it already build in the default kernel Image.


Our Platform is Jetson_TX1…

Right as I say this function not support on TX1.

Impossible to install driver? (…/kernel/t18x/drivers/tachometer/)

Is Jetson_TX 1 hardware not supported?

Yes, I am sorry TX1 chip not support it.

Hi @ShaneCCC

Can you explain exactly why TX1 doesn’t support it?

To me this doesn’t make sense at all… unless TX2 has a hardware timer counter which is used to count the revolutions with that the TX1 doesn’t have…

Please explain.


You can check the TX1/TX2 TRM to know it. TX2 have relative “Tachometer” registers but TX1 didn’t have it.