Does LHR block deep learning

Hi, I want to buy a 3070 TI or 3080TI and all i can find is an LHR or anti-mining cards. Will this block or affect any of the AI or deep learning. For example yolov4, cuda etc. will any of these be affected? I am only learning.

Thank you.


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Really? Official reply just 3060 has no effect on deep learning operations,not 3070ti . (70ti and 60 use different restriction methods)

Any news on this? I’m buying a 3080 and need to know if I’ll face issues with DL workloads.

Up, I’d like to understand this as well, just bought a 3060 Ti LHR, not only for gaming, but also for home deep learning and computing.

Curious how can it tell whether i am doing mining or deep learning? Great if it can because I am interested in Deep Learning side. I bought the 3060 because it had 12 GB, and it is more important that I can fit more data into GPU RAM.