Does Nano support secure boot?

Development Guide 32.1 only list AGX Xavier and TX2.
Then the README in secureboot_r32.1.tbz2 lists TK1, TX1, TX2,AGX Xavier.
Does Nano support secure boot?
If yes, which document should I refer to?

Hi lonesomesnow,

L4T 32.1 supports only Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i, and Jetson Nano.
So I guess the readme doesn’t mean to support TX1.
For Nano, we will support secure boot but currently, there is no firm schedule yet.

Is there any support now?

hello auk.konica,

Nano is now able to support secure boot.
please refer to release-32.2 development guide for the Secureboot chapter.
you’ll also notice there’re sessions for preparing keys to fuse Jetson-Nano.