Does OpenCV 4.3.0 compatible with CUDA-11.0?

Hi all,

Lastly I installed CUDA-11.0 to Ubuntu-19.10. I tried simple simulation exxamples like nybody and also checked the version of CUDA . All is fine and working well.

I also tried to install OpenCV-4.3.0 with CUDA. But in cmake step of it we take many errors about CUDA. I am trying to solve these problems but my question is that CUDA-11.0 is compatible with OpenCV? Or whatever I do, it is not possible to install opencv with cuda-11.0 for now?

Were you able to figure this issue out? I am currently trying to link opencv 4.4 library in a cuda 11.0 application but also receiving many errors.

I just switched to 10.2 but probably its also working 11.0