Does PVF support MPICH2?

Dear Mat,
Does PVF support MPICH2 in Windows OS? if yes, would you have any introduction about how to configurate PGI accelerator VisualFortran+VS2010+win7+MPICH2?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Teslalady,

Sorry, but PVF is only configured to support MSMPI. You might be able to get to work by manually adding the MPICH2 include and library directories to your compile and link lines, but it’s not something we’ve tried here.

  • Mat

hi,Mat, under the win7+VS2010 which version of MSMPI could I use? and how to configrate it in PGI accelerator Visual Fortran please kindly give me some dierection

See if Chapter 4 of the PVF User’s guide helps. on the configuration part. As for version, you want to install the Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK.