Downgrade from Jetpack5.02 to Jetpack4.x

I am trying to downgrade the jetpack version from Jetpack 5.02 to Jetpack 4.4.1 version. After I’ve installed the QSPI for JP5.02 it seems that Jetpack 4.4 &4.6 are not working anymore on Jetson Xavier Nx(after reflashing SDcard with balenaEtcher).
What are the steps to switch back from JP5.x to JP 4.x?

Hi @acadsaax, I would try re-flashing with SDK Manager or L4T from an Ubuntu PC, and that should restore the bootloader for JetPack 4.x

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I am curious, did you try the SD card image which is supposed to work with JetPack 5.02? I would expect a 4.x image to fail with 5.x QSPI content.

Yes, Jetpack 5.02 it’s working.

This is exactly what you have to do.
It’s extremely annoying that JP5 bootloader is not able to boot JP4, but that’s the case.

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