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using spinnker on arm
i have jetson nano. my camera is chameleon3 of flir(usb type). flir says if you want use camera, download the program(spinnaker or flycapture). so i am trying to download spinnaker. the manual says like that. but it doesn’t working. then do i have to do fill out ‘’ blank? i dont know anything… ubuntu version is 18.04

I looked at the web site and this caught my attention:
Odroid XU4, Jetson TX1/TX2, or other OMAP4 device with an ARMv7 Cortex processor (including Cortex-A7, -A8, -A9, -A15… etc).

The package version is related to this, and also catches my attention:
tar xvfz spinnaker-<version>_arm.tar.gz

Note that “arm” is 32-bit ARMv7-a/arm32. The “Cortex-A7” through “-A15” are older 32-bit platforms. This would imply Jetson TK1 or earlier.

I see a listing for TX1/TX2, and these are 64-bit (ARMv8-a/arm64/aarch64). In order for the 32-bit releases to run on a TX1/TX2 you would need to install 32-bit library and linking support (which would not be easy). In the early days of the TX1 the kernel was 64-bit, but user space was 32-bit since 64-bit was brand new and no 64-bit applications existed.

Those original releases which would have worked with 32-bit apps are the L4T R24.x, at least R24.1. I’m not sure at which point in R24.x user space may have changed entirely to 64-bit. R24.1 would probably work with the arm/arm32/ARMv7-a release, but later releases will need a 64-bit version. If you can find a 64-bit release, then this should work for you. If not, then you’ll have to downgrade to a much older release (I have not seen much success from people adding dual 32-bit/64-bit support to newer releases, and anything which does work will have a significant performance penalty).

Note that R27.x was for TX2, and R24.x was for TX1. I’m not really sure if R24.x would even work on a TX2, nor am I sure 32-bit had any support for R27.x.