DPMS not working for 367.18 on GTX 1080 with DisplayPort monitors ASUS PB278


I recently upgraded my video card from a GTX 680 to a 1080 and notice that on Linux that DPMS doesnt work with my monitors when connected via DisplayPort. The screen will turn black, but the monitors will not enter a low power state. If I connect them via HDMI or DVI there is no issue.

These same monitors work fine under windows using DisplayPort.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (107 KB)

This still doesn’t function with 367.27 drivers.

New bug-report attached.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (104 KB)

I have same problem with GTX 970 on my both monitors ( both are Philips ).
In Windows 10 problem don’t occurs. Affects only Display Port.

I have the same issue. GTX 980 connected via DisplayPort to two daisy-chained Dell U2414H. Running xset dpms force off turns the screen black, but the monitors remain on. Also running 367.27 drivers.