Dragging and dropping materials need to check for existing material!

I just noticed this:

There’s six windows and I dragged and dropped the clear glass six times and got… six different materials.

Create should check if the dragged material already exists in the scene and use that instead of making a new copy (if the existing material is unchanged, of course).

I realize the proper procedure is to select all windows and then right-click on the material and do “apply to selected” but I can guarantee you that not everyone will do that, and you often just quickly will drag something into a stage which already exists and thus should be re-used instead.

Also… slightly weird that the Nvidia Cache contains both Clear_Glass and Glass_Clear (and Glass_Clear_01)… why are there so many of seemingly the exact same thing and which do you use?

EDIT: Follow up to this, here’s a related scenario…

Someone imported a CAD model into a stage with an environment and began assigning materials without making a new layer or anything. Now, someone else wants to import that same CAD model into a different stage, but all the material assignments are in the first stage. How do you “apply” those materails to the original CAD USD file?

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Yes this is actually on the roadmap. Once released, the drag and drop willl have the option to use the existing library material or replace it, or make a second copy. Thanks !


On your materials question, you just apply materials as normal and those materials stay with the USD file. There so be no issue.

If you want to clean up your duplicate copies of GLASS, simply select all of the glass objects in your scene and then right click and “assign material” of the first “glass”. Then delete the rest

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My point regarding the materials is that someone will eventually not be careful with what is linked where and assign a bunch of materials in the “wrong” file. What tools are there to correct those scenarios?

I would consider just putting the materials in the main model file. Again, there are many ways to do this. But it does not have to be complicated with multiple files. If you want to keep it simple, just have models and materials together in one file. I personally do that. I just apply materials directly. I do not use layers. It really is up to you have far you want to take your workflow. I have never had anyone, “lose” materials.