Is there a built in way to remove unused Materials?

I noticed while I am seeing which materials look best, each material I apply stays in the Looks folder.

If there isn’t a way, a nice feature would be, right click on Looks folder, ‘Remove Unapplied’ or something to that effect.

If I knew how to do the Python for get all scene objects, get child objects for each object and how to read the materials in the Looks folder, and how to determine which materials are applied to a prop, it seems like a pretty easy extension to write.


Hello @DataJuggler! I will make a request for this feature with the dev team. I appreciate the suggestion!

You mean something like this?

I need to do some additional work for special cases like sub-materials and materials in references, but I plan to submit this as a part of the #ExtendOmniverse contest and will post the release here as well.

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Yes, something exactly like this.

When you are ready for version 2, add a checkbox ‘Auto Remove Unused Materials’, and when a material is applied (if there is such an event), check if the previous material was used anywhere else.

If you put this on Git Hub let me know.