Omniverse Materials

I am trying to assign some of the predefined materials in omniverse, but for some reason all of the materials are locked (Image 1) and whenever I drag one of the materials to the asset, nothing happens (Image 2 after assigning Wood Bark material). Is it possible to remove this lock sign on the materials? I tried to change the permissions but it is not possible.
Thanks in advance!

Image 2

I believe the lock just means you can’t edit those assets since they are shipped with OV. I wouldn’t recommend disabling it (if it’s even possible).

Personally, I don’t have issues dragging and dropping; that said, it does take a few seconds for it to be binded to the prim so try holding down the button a bit longer before you release it (you should be prompted a “Create Material” dialog). Alternatively, you can right click on any material and choose to “Bind material to selected prim(s)” option (see attached) if drag and drop doesn’t work


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Another dev has also mentioned you can copy the assets into a separate location to allow read/write operations - Nvidia folder lock in the local host - #2 by dlindsey

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