Vmaterial 2.0: why certain materials were deleted?

hi all

version 2.0 is out and first of all congratulations because it is a huge job and it makes life easier for us, non-professionals in the creation of materials. But I am surprised by the reorganization and especially by the removal of certain materials which were present for a long time and which are no longer.
I don’t know the library by heart but the materials that I use in priority are in the metal category and the following materials are no longer in this version, why?

these are very important in the field of architecture and I am really surprised at this deletion. Likewise, the paint category has been reduced because the following materials are no longer there:

-flat,gloss,satin,semi gloss


We are constantly working on expanding the vMaterials 2.0 catalog. What you have been downloading is the very first iteration of the catalog and we are continuously adding more and more high-quality content to the collection to give users the best materials out there for high-fidelity and high-end visualization.

So don’t worry that certain categories are not as full yet as vMaterials 1.7. We are scanning, processing and writing more MDL materials to be released in spring 2022.

You can use vMaterials 1.7 and vMaterials 2.0 concurrently, both catalogs can live next to each other without conflicts. So feel free to use them both in your projects.

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Hi @Ruediger
I am trying to develop within my company the use of Iray and Rhino but I am testing Omniverse to perhaps propose a more global use. Since I work in the field of the building envelope, the missing materials are the main ones I use, hence my surprise. Indeed we can use the two libraries, it is a great advantage.

thank you for the answer and see you soon

Thanks for answering this.