vMaterials 2.3 released

The NVIDIA vMaterials 2.3 catalog is a collection of 2325 material appearances representing common real-world materials for designers and engineers. Each material has material-specific controls that allow it to change its final appearance. The materials are designed so that users of all experience levels can use them immediately.

You can download it here: vMaterials

Ready for Omniverse

vMaterials 2.3 are directly available in NVIDIA Omniverse as a ready-to-use package to use in your projects. The pack can also be downloaded via Omniverse Launcher.

New Material Appearances

  • 170 Fabric
  • 8 Ground
  • 200 Metal
  • 10 Paint
  • 14 Plastic
  • 17 Retroreflective
  • 5 Stone

Key Features

  • Free use of 2325 common material appearances for AEC and Design
  • Highly detailed photogrammetry texture maps
  • Algorithm against pattern repetition
  • Tweakable with intuitive parameter controls
  • Digital reference for real-world materials
  • Custom-built models for different material types
  • Based on NVIDIA MDL (Material Definition Language
  • Physically accurate
  • Cross-platform

Changes and Bugfixes

  • Added new category Other->Retroreflective
  • Citrine.mdl: Fixed Dispersion parameter that had no effect.
  • Fabric_Cotton_Pique_Weave.mdl, Fabric_Cotton_Fine_Woven.mdl, Fabric_Cotton_Fine_Woven.mdl - Changing default scale value.
  • Wood tile materials - Rewriting and optimizing parts of wood tile Materials and fixing a bug where rotation of the material rotated only the tiles but not the underlying wood structure.
  • Fixing an issue where rotation would lead to incorrect shading of the normals.
  • Fixed several issues where material parameters and display names had the wrong terminology.

Known Issues


  • Vanni Brighella and Miguel Guerrero for working with us on the new fabric materials
  • Omniflux for bug reports