Why are there so many similarly named materials?

When I type glass into the search box, here is what I see in 2023.2.2 out of the box, fresh install:

  1. These thumbnails have graphical glitches (this is new to 2.2 I think)
  2. None of the top results look very good (very milky and hazy).
  3. To get to the nicer looking thumbnails I have to scroll down a bit.
  4. Even when I scroll down, there’s duplicates of seemingly very similar materials (for example, there’s both Glass_Clear and Clear_Glass)

And of course, you can’t just drag the material into the viewport because then you’ll get duplicates, but that’s known already but I’ll keep mentioning it until it gets fixed. 😉

I just tried to search for “white” and noticed even repeated materials:

Screenshot 2024-01-05 104107

I created neither of these. They are provided out of the box by Nvidia, and this feels quite messy.

Some of these materials seem to be duplicates because the Automotive materials are further broken down into Imperfect and Pristine folders with each material existing in both folders with the same name (e.g. Glass_Clear_01), but with artistic tweaks to make the Imperfect materials feel more worn and lived-in than their Pristine counterparts that are fresh off the factory floor. If you expand the Automotive folder using the ‘+’ in front of its name, it should expand and display these folders.

You can eliminate most of the duplicates by searching in a sub section of the tree. For example clicking into the “base” library will then ignore the “automotive” library. The futher you drill down the more selective the search criteria. So if you are in BASE > GLASS and then search “white”, you will only get white glass