Drive AGX - Drive OS 5.2.0 SDK error

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If I try to install Drive OS 5.2.0 SDK Linux, the Drive Software 10.0 Linux is broken and if I try to repair Drive Software 10.0 Linux, Drive OS 5.2.0 SDK Linux is broken

Hi @hitesh.pandya1,

Did you mean after installing DRIVE OS 5.2.0 successfully, DRIVE Software10.0 was broken?

Yes, on trying to install Drive OS 5.2.0, Drive Software 10.0 was broken and did not boot up. Had to re-flash with Drive Software 10.0

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Both 5.2.0 and 10.0 installations involve flashing the target system so they cannot coexit on the target.

As I understand Drive Software 10.0 (rev2) has Drive OS version with other associated DriveWorks API SDK, Drive AV and IX stack.

Does upgrading to Drive OS 5.2.0 also upgrades other stacks?

Flashing the target with Drive OS 5.2.0 does not boot up the system and had to revert back to Drive Software 10,0

DriveWorks 3.5 for DRIVE OS 5.2.0 will be released soon but it won’t include all things in DRIVE Software 10.0.
You can take a peek at

What did you mean not booting up the system?

After installation completes, on the target system there is no Ubuntu desktop provided, and for SSH access you need to follow DRIVE OS Linux SSH Server to set up.
So you may need to start by accessing Xavier A/B via UART. Thanks!