Drive OS 6.0 Documentation/Links are all inaccessible on NVIDIA's website

Hello, just wondering if anyone else is encountering an Access Denied error when trying to open any Drive OS 6.0+ documentation.

This is the error I’m getting:

Is there any fix to this?
Thank you

This forum is for developers in NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program. We will need you to use your account with corporate or university email address.
Or you can also change your current account to use corporate or university email address by following the below links:
My Profile | NVIDIA Developer → “Edit Profile” → “Change email” → “CHANGE”
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello, our company had buy some Jetson orin boards from NVIDIA.
Does it need to pay extra money to use the DRIVE OS or DRIVE AGX SDK ?

What is NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program ? Does it to do some extra pay for software service?
Could we get the software code sources inside of SDK ?

The DRIVE OS relevant SDKs can only be used with DRIVE platform.
For your Jetson platform, you need to install the JetPack, please check the Jetson Software | NVIDIA Developer.

As I mentioned at last comment, you need to be the member of the NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program, please use your company email to create developer account to apply it.
Once approved, you can access the DRIVE SDKs.

If you don’t have the DRIVE platform, it’s helpless to get access with DRIVE SDKs.