driver support for Pascal Titan X

Now that the Pascal Titan X is available, will the current 368.81 driver recognize and support that new model?

If not should we expect a new driver to be released soon?

Also should we expect that the Pascal Titan X will also be able to switch to the TCC driver like the Maxwell Titan X?

You can find the officially supported products for a given driver by locating that driver download page on and inspecting the support list.

FWIW if I go to and ask for the current linux driver for Pascal Titan X I get 367.35:

The corresponding driver on windows is 369.05:

The 368.81 driver does not list the Pascal Titan X as being supported on the “Supported Products” tab:

Ok, Well then the problem is that this driver cannot install on my Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 system. The release notes specifically mention Windows 7/8/10;

Release 367 Graphics Drivers
for Windows, Version 369.05
RN-W36905-01v01 | August 2, 2016
Windows 10 / <b>Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7</b>

but that driver will not install after checking system capability.

Also what about TCC?

The only supported product for the 369.05 driver is Pascal Titan X (take a look at the supported products tab). Do you have a Pascal Titan X in these systems?

I receive the Pascal Titan X tomorrow, so not yet. Just wanted to set up the environment before installation.

Ok, so I made a mistake in that I understood the “not compatible system” driver install message to be related to the operating system, rather than the hardware(the Pascal Titan X). The fact the driver download only mentioned Windows 10 may have also influenced my thinking.

Thanks for the clarification.

I now have a Pascal Titan X in my Windows 7 system and the 369.05 driver will not install because it says I have the wrong version of Windows (even though the documentation says Windows 7 is supported).

EDIT: I found the version for Windows 7 which is not the same as the earlier one. This seems to have been the issue as I am installing now.

It’s true that the win10 369.05 driver is not the same as the win7/win8 369.05 driver in this case.

This is somewhat unusual but possible, obviously. This driver is also somewhat unusual in that it supports only Pascal Titan X.

In any event, when selecting a driver for your GPU, its recommended that you go to and use the driver download system there. If you give it all the right information (including e.g. OS) it should steer you to the correct driver to use.

Currently the win7/win8 driver download is this one:

whereas the win10 driver download is this one:

so its evident they are different.

Using windows 10 64bit, installed the Titan X Pascal, ran the GeForce Experience and got the “Not compatible with this version of Windows”. Went to the main site and selected down the “Find your drivers” list and downloaded, extracted and attempted to install and again “Not compatible…”

Searched around, found this page and saw the link in the post above, verified that is the same driver I have.