Drivesim not available

I try to use drivesim-ov. My source information is “NVIDIA DRIVE Sim Installation Tutorial” NVIDIA DRIVE Sim Installation Tutorial | NVIDIA On-Demand

I have no problem with the first steps, my docker container system is working with no problem.

But in the video, we can see :

  • at 5:05, when using the command “ngc config set”, in the item “Enter Team”, the video shows the choice “drivesim-ov”. I have only “no-team”;
  • at 5:24, when selecting the username on top right of NVIDIA NGC , a new menu appears with multiple items including drive which the video shows selecting. I have nothing in this menu except my username.

So I think a step is missing, or maybe I miss something in the configuration to get this menu.

Could you help me please ?

Hello @yves.bergeon - This is not the right section to ask question about Drive Sim. This is is Isaac Sim section :)