Error Running Drive Sim

I’m using the DRIVE SIM 2022-7 Quickstart guide to install DRIVE Sim (and omniverse). Once I get to step 4 which is Running DRIVE Sim I use the following command:

docker run -it --network=host --rm --gpus all --name drivesim-ov --ulimit
nofile=65535:65535 --add-host<NUCLEUS_SERVER_ADDR> -e OMNI_USER=<OMNI_USERNAME>
~/ovcache:/var/ovcache --env DISPLAY -e “ACCEPT_EULA=Y”

I get two errors:
[Error] [omni.splash.plugin] startupManagerImpl: Couldn’t create connection with display.

[Error] [omni.splash.plugin] startupManagerImpl: ISplashScreen interface failed to properly initialize.


When I log onto my local ominverse nuclues server it doesn’t look like there is any documentation in the NVIDIA folder.

The hardware of the device I’m using doesn’t meet the specifications for running Drive Sim, I don’t have enough VRAM and have a GeForce RTX 3060.

At this time I’m looking to obtain documentation associated with Drive Sim, and I’m not seeing any documentation on the omniverse server. Should I be able to get the documentation or is a device needed with the correct hardware specification to even look at the documentation?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @lucas47! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance. Also, if you are using an Enterprise Omniverse account, you can contact your representative directly.

@WendyGram Thank you! I’ve continued to debug and I have some more information, that hopefully will be helpful. I went back a few steps in the DRIVE SIM 2022-7 Quickstart guide and it looks like step 4 (DRIVE Sim Local Install) did not complete properly. I’m thinking it has to do with my Nucleus setup. I followed the setup instructions for Nucleus but I think there might be a problem with the address I’ve been setting it to. I set my Ethernet port to a static IP for my computer and was using that. It now will not let me log in to it. So I removed it and now I can’t add it back as a server. I also only have two services running, from other posts it looks like there should be more services running.


I’m wondering if something happened during my omniverse/nucleus installation which is preventing me from being able to do the DRIVE Sim installation.