DriveWorks video formats

As you know, DriveWorks DNN and image recognition algorithms requires .h264 (marked as Program (application/octet-stream format) and .raw (marked as x-panasonic-raw format) video files.

I am struggling very hard to convert my own video files (extacted from a driving simulator) from mp4/h264 to those two above formats.

Because obviously, the .h264 (marked as a programm by linux ???) format isn’t equal to mp4/h264 classical format, in the same way, the classical .raw format gotten from a conversion (mp4 to raw using VLC) isn’t a “x-panasonic-raw”.

Does somebody have a conversion solution to provide, from classic formats to those strange and uncommon formats ?

I can’t believe NVIDIA developpers used two video formats which are impossible to get using format conversion, from other sources.

Thank you