Dual mintor don't work. Under Windows7 it is working with 2 monitors.


I bought Quadro 4000 for mac edition.
I can not use it with 2 monitors under OSX Lion 10.7.3.
I have installed the latest cuda driver 4.1.28, but nothing happened.
I have Windows 7 on other HDD, and under windows the mac card is working with 2 monitor.
I connected 1. LCD DVI to Display port with the original PNY adapter.
I connected 2. LCD D-SUB to DVI port with adapter.

The display port is not working together with DVI under OSX Lion?
I need wait to newest cuda driver or I need buy new monitor with display port output?

Please anybody help me…

I have solved the problem with EFI strings and good NVCAP in my hackintosh now I can use dual monitor.