DVP and GPU Direct

I am currently looking for a laptop with a Quadro card to be used for video rendering using DVP.

My question is, do all Quadro cards support DVP?
Furthermore, what is the relationship between DVP and GPU Direct?

I have found that the only laptop cards supporting GPU Direct are M5000M and M5100M, but these are extremely expensive.
Would I be able to use DVP on a cheaper laptop Quadro card?

By DVP are you referring to the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline?
Please confirm so that I can follow up with the appropriate folks here at NVIDIA.

That would be correct.

Unfortunately, only the 5xxx class mobile GPUs support GPU Direct for Video / DVP at this time.


Thank you for your reply.

How about the relationship between DVP and GPU Direct? Does one usually imply the other, or are they completely independent of each other?

According to https://developer.nvidia.com/gpudirectforvideo
The GTX970 does not support DVP - is this correct?

I am looking to use a BitFlow frame grabber and transfer frames using their API to a GTX970