Easy and cheap solution for portable battery pack for Jetson Nano

If you got an extra cordless drill laying around it makes a perfect portable battery pack for Jetson Nano

Here is link to video with more details: https://youtu.be/WuC0PN5PuYA

link to converter:https://www.amazon.com/Converter-DROK-Regulator-Inverter-Transformer/dp/B01NALDSJ0/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1Q9ZBHBU7KOOQ&keywords=12+to+5v+buck+converter&qid=1584831913&sprefix=12+to+5v+%2Caps%2C228&sr=8-2


That’s cool, thanks for the sharing!

That is very cool, indeed. What’s the battery life like?

With the Jetson Nano & Kinect running about 2 hours.
With just the Jetson Nano running about 10 hours

Yes, very cool. I have a little 7" HD display sitting around just looking for a project like that . Thanks for sharing.