What's the better power back to power on the nano that will be mounted inside the body of a drone

Hello to everyone.

Im working on this project :


Jetson-Nano Search and Rescue AI UAV

on the tutorial he suggests to use this power pack :


it says : “5000mAh,up to 2A”. Since it should be mounted inside the body of the drone,I would like to be sure that it can power the nano stably and efficiently. I’m not experienced,but 2A is enough ? Because actually I’m using this power supply :

“Aukru Micro USB 5V 3000 mA caricatore adattatore alimentazione per Raspberry Pi 3 modello B+ Plus/ Pi 3, Pi 2 Modello B+ Plus , Banana Pi”

and it has 3A and I see that it’s not good at all. How much time the drone can fly with that power bank ? can u suggest to me a better power bank if you think that it is not so good ? A less bulky and heavy power bank maybe ?

Hope someone has suggestion. The actual power consumption of nano module depends on your use case, you can test that first to see if 2A is enough for your drone and calculate the working time accordingly.