Embedded Metadata (EBD) for MIPI CSI2 on Jetson Nano

I’m developing a ToF camera on Jetson Nano, the camera use four phase frame to combine one actually frame. It put frame id in embedded metadata line ,but I couldn’t get any embedded data . I was fill zero in raw data.
Is any one could give me some recommendations?

my device tree setting
active_w = “640”;
active_h = “480”; //embedded

mode_type = “bayer”;
pixel_phase = “rggb”;
dynamic_pixel_bit_depth = “12”;
csi_pixel_bit_depth = “12”;
pixel_t = “bayer_rggb12”;


TX1/Nano not support EBD, Please check with TX2/NX/Xavier platform.

Hi ShaneCCC:
You say TX1/Nano not support EBD, you means not support from Hardware or just software don’t support.
If it don’t support from software , could I modify the dma souce code to support ?
because We have try to add two line with EBD data, but I still don’t get any data from buffer and it will cause the nest three frame buffer fill off zero .

Thanks you very much.


Not support from HW.

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