eMMC storage is getting filled and not able to run other applications by using docker containers

I have installedJetson OS BSP into Jetson TX2 NX device , along with that installed the Jetson SDK components too by using SDK manager.

Then tried pulling the Deepstream docker image, but its not pulled since out of memory issues.

Note: Already 128 GB SD card is attached in this device.

Command used while flashing the device:

./flash.sh <target_board> mmcblk0p1 - boot <target_board> from eMMC

I have to run another heavy deep learning models in this device. Any help to tackle the out of memory issue will be highly appreciated.


Do you run out of memory or storage?

Jetson’s memory is fixed and not able to extend.
But for larger storage, you can try to add an extra NVMe SSD:


I have 128 GB sd card which is attached to this device. If i change the boot from sd card, does it decrease the performance ? or can i mount the sd card with the Jetson memory(eMMC).

Installing new packages (DL frameworks, docker, etc) will use the boot storage, which is 16GB. This boot storage its getting filled when i installed the Jetson OS + Jetson SDK components. So i couldn’t pull a docker image even. Is there any way to extend the boot storage by using the SD Card storage


An alternative is to change the docker folder to the sd card.

$ service docker stop
$ mv /var/lib/docker /<new location>/docker
$ ln -s /<new location>/docker /var/lib/docker
$ service docker start


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