Enabling additional USB 2.0 buses

How do I enable USB1_DP, USB1_DN, USB2_DP, USB2_DN as shown on page 22 of the OEM Product Design guide?

I’m using an Aerocore 2 for Jetson carrier board with a TX2. I have their official BSP installed, although the manufacturer’s support is fairly non-responsive.

I’m trying to get a Sierra HL7688 LTE module working, and their sparse documentation shows it connected to another USB bus on the TX2 (“USB2_2”). I’m guessing it’s the same D+/D- that is used for M.2 in other carrier boards.

In short, with the module plugged in it doesn’t show up at all in lsusb -t. That second bus isn’t even showing up at all.


Device tree has to be modified per USB land mapping. Please refer to adaptation guide:

anyone encountering issues with the aerocore 2 board and TX2 – please feel free PM me – I burned hours and hours going through how to build a px4 and tx2 disc image – could not find a single link to a disk image download anywhere – turns out link just not posted on the carriers website but it is available. contact them nicely for it … or message me … i wish i had known that