Error in installing Patch Set by QSC

Please provide the following info (check/uncheck the boxes after clicking “+ Create Topic”):
Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0
DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0 and DriveWorks 3.5
NVIDIA DRIVE™ Software 10.0 (Linux)
NVIDIA DRIVE™ Software 9.0 (Linux)
other DRIVE OS version

Target Operating System
[+] QNX

Hardware Platform
[+] NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)
NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Pegasus DevKit (E3550)

SDK Manager Version

Host Machine Version
[+] native Ubuntu 18.04

Hi,i followed the guide to install QNX patch set by QSC.Error occurs when in the progress.

The error is :
Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: Patch Set 5.2.6.P202103151041 (NVIDIA.patchset.signedbyqnx 5.2.6.P202103151041)
Missing requirement for filter properties ~= $0: Patch Set 5.2.6.P202103151041 (NVIDIA.patchset.signedbyqnx 5.2.6.P202103151041) requires ‘package; [7.0.4284.S201908021626,7.0.4284.S201908021626]’ but it could not be found
How can i get the pkg?

Hi keqinghua,

Please contacted with your NVIDIA representative to confirm that you have granted the DRIVE OS QNX access first.