How to use QNX as target OS

Hello NVIDIA Team,

I am currently trying to figure out how to use QNX as the target operating system for the DRIVE AGX Xavier Developer Kit hardware platform. I am using the version 1.3.1-7110 of the SDK manager and I am trying to install DRIVE software 10 on a host machine with native Ubuntu 18.04 LTS without GUI. Therefore, I am using the CLI to get the SDK installed with QNX as target OS. I followed this instruction QNX SDP Installation Instructions for DRIVE OS :: NVIDIA DRIVE AGX System Installation and Setup, but I don’t know where to get the patch set file “drive-t186ref-qnx-” which I should import into QNX Software Center to install the necessary software packages.
Which steps am I missing? Can you tell me which steps need to be taken?

Hi @andre.stolpp,

I guess you may not have DRIVE OS QNX access. Please contact with your nvidia representive for related discussion. Thanks!